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Bybit is a derivatives trading platform that has been operating since 2018. It offers perpetual contracts on favorable terms and promises fast execution speed. Works with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Ripple, USDT and supports fiat gateway through Simplex, Banxa and others providers. Bybit serves traders all over the world, including Russia, Europe, Asia and North America. The lack of verification ensures anonymity and privacy, because personal information is not disclosed. To trade, you first need to fund your account. Bybit is a cryptocurrency project, which makes it impossible to replenish with fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is used exclusively for depositing and withdrawing. There is no minimum deposit threshold. Bybit's main product is perpetual futures. Leverage is provided for trading them. For bitcoin - 1:100, for others - 1:50. The following perpetual contracts are available: XRP/USD, BTC/USD, EOS/USD, BTC/USDT and ETH/USD. Supports isolated and cross margin. There is a demo account, so you can try the platform without risk to your finances. The test network is needed by both novice traders and traders with leverage. For convenience, an application for Android and iOS has been created.

Binance is a platform that traders all over the world know. Works with popular digital currency and fiat. Direct cryptocurrency purchases are supported with Visa and MasterCard cards. The service is designed for international trading, so the site has been translated into more than forty foreign languages, including Russian, since the platform is in demand in the Russian-speaking segment. Verification is required, because without it, it is only allowed to deposit cryptocurrencies to the crypto exchange. Verification is also required for trading, as well as withdrawals / deposits in fiat. The larger the volume of your trading, the better the conditions for you will be - the higher the withdrawal limit and the lower the commission. Binance provides different trading modes for users with different cryptocurrency trading experience, including margin trading. There is a separate portal for OTC/OTC transactions. In addition to “classic” trading, access to the derivatives market (USDT/Coin futures and leveraged tokens) is open. Participation in the battle is possible if there is a futures contract. The exchange is adapted for mobile devices (applications for Android and iOS have been developed) and there are versions for desktop (PC-Client).

Huobi is a cryptocurrency ecosystem for international trading. It was established in 2013, now it occupies top positions in terms of trade turnover. Provides the ability to work with a huge list of digital currencies and the use of fiat for transactions in the derivatives and spot markets. Supports P2P and margin trading. Crypto exchange can be characterized as follows: huge trading volumes, wide listing, great liquidity, support for fiat, derivatives and other opportunities. suitable for both professional traders and beginners. The exchange develops, improves functionality and expands its client base. The site is multilingual. The platform does not impose strict requirements for verification. Anonymous trading is also possible, however, if you pass verification, you can count on increasing the withdrawal limits and increasing the security of your account. The “minimum” for the deposit depends on the coin (specified in the application form for replenishment). On Huobi you can:
Sell / buy cryptocurrency for fiat;
Spot trading on own or borrowed funds;
Access to the derivatives market is open.
You can trade on the spot yourself or connect trading bots to automate processes. To work with the exchange, there is a web version and adaptation for smartphones.


MetaMask is a popular multi-cryptocurrency wallet created in 2016 to work with Dapps applications. It is completely anonymous, does not require entering and confirming personal information. Optimized for working with swaps. The project is an online wallet in the form of a browser extension (for Brave, Firefox and Chrome), as well as a mobile application (for Android or IOS). It was created to store Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens of the standard. Nowadays, it is possible to add a network of different blockchains to it. The wallet does not store your data with third parties. its main task is to provide P2P communication between users so that it is without intermediaries. For this reason, MetaMask does not require verification. To receive payments directly to your wallet, you need to copy the wallet address at the top and give it to the sender. The functionality of the wallet is not limited to storing, accepting and sending cryptocurrencies. An equally important function of the project is trading on swaps. Commissions are different and depend on the type of operation.

Useful crypto services

DropsTab is a dedicated digital currency market tracker that was created in 2017 in order to make daily cryptocurrency analysis easier for users, as well as for accurate monitoring and convenient management of a personal investment portfolio. On DropsTab you can see the prices, volume and performance of coins that you have added to your investment portfolio. Cryptocurrency and currency pairs are considered the main financial instruments for a trader. Dropstab, acting as a broker, gives you the opportunity to conduct profitable transactions using tokens. The official website of the project contains the most detailed charts, as well as diagrams that indicate the state of the market and the growth of the main assets. DropsTab also allows you to see forecasts for the coming dates. The Dropstab investment platform is focused on the international market, so all site content is presented in English. Russian-speaking traders will have to use an online translator. In addition to the web version, a smartphone application has been created for the convenience of users.

The CoinMarketCap service is a popular project for traders, created in 2013, which helps to monitor the exchange rate, digital currency rating and market capitalization. The project contains a large amount of useful information for trading, investing, which is useful not only for beginners, but also for real pros. Also on the official website there are rating lists, comparison charts and calendars that inform investors and traders about everything that happens. The project expands its functionality and improves every year, and many users consider it a reliable source for collecting information about cryptocurrency. In 2020, the company was bought by the blockchain company Binance. Together they are trying to make sure that the cryptocurrency is used massively and is generally available. CoinMarketCap, despite being acquired by Binance, operates independently of the parent company. The aggregator contains useful information that is well structured. It is also worth noting the simple and intuitive interface. You can see user predictions related to the value of coins, and global charts show general information that applies to all coins in general. CoinMarketCap has ratings for exchanges in three categories: spot, decentralized, and derivatives. The project offers a blockchain explorer, fast swaps, a digital currency converter, an API for trading. The site also has its own cryptocurrency calculator. CoinMarketCap, in addition to the official website, offers a mobile application for a smartphone for your convenience.

ICO Drops is a unique project of our Russian trader, Sergey Blubov. He evaluates new cryptocurrencies, makes forecasts and gives useful advice to beginners and experienced traders in his Telegram channel. The official website of ICO Drops was created in order to facilitate cryptocurrency analytics, monitoring and simplify the management of your investment portfolio. The site does not have Russian localization, as it is based more on international trading. Use an interpreter if you do not speak English. And we will introduce you a little to the main sections of the site: Probably the most highly specialized of the listed projects:
Open to see currently active projects;
Visit if you want to see what's coming soon;
If you are interested in completed collections, then you are here:;
If you want to open general statistics, open:
And of course, the section:, if you want to connect to the BS and get paid for the bounty campaign for activity.

A unique service that gives you the opportunity to find out which of the famous personalities in the crypto industry are following the project that interests you. All this thanks to the presence of its own tool - the SMP Score metric. You can even enter on the main page of the project a link to the Twitter account of the trader you are interested in. The homepage of the site also has a table with the most up-to-date information for analysis based on Twitter followers. To use the site, you must register via e-mail. It is also possible to quickly authorize using the social network Twitter and a Telegram account. The site is entirely in English. Russian localization is missing. If you have any difficulties, the site has the possibility of feedback.

The Crypto Bubbles project is a platform that offers users an interactive visualization of the cryptocurrency market (there are many of them - TOP 1000 are presented). On this site, you will see the volume of the cryptocurrency market and the statistics of each cryptocurrency separately in the form of bubbles. A green bubble indicates that the asset is showing an increase of some percentage over a set period of time, and a red bubble shows a fall, respectively. Among the main advantages of the project, it is worth highlighting:
convenient and simple interface (no settings needed, all necessary information is displayed automatically);
the presence of not only a web version but a program for a smartphone;
Russian interface language (as well as other localizations);
the ability to track your crypto portfolio.
The Crypto Bubbles tool will help you evaluate changes in the cryptocurrency market, find out which digital currency is actively growing and which is falling.

The project is a platform created to optimize the links between various alternative programs and products, which contains a section useful for a trader (especially a beginner) called Crypto Dashboard (Alternative's own project). It simply and clearly demonstrates information about the state of the cryptocurrency market. You can see:
coin overview;
index of fear and greed;
trend analysis;
API documentation.
An intuitive chart will help you compare the so-called fear and greed index, in which you will see the highs and lows of the bitcoin price. If you plan to make a purchase of bitcoin, open the website, and if the index is above 75-80, think carefully or wait. After all, the index is formed on the basis of several parameters: volatility, trading volumes/turnovers, media assessment, bitcoin dominance and trends. An analysis of surveys was also carried out, but at the moment it is suspended. Please note that the service gives only recommendations. You should not rely solely on them. Be careful and use the recommendations of the pros when making transactions with cryptocurrency.

A chainlist is a useful service for traders that is designed to quickly add a blockchain network to your e-wallet. The fact is that after the crypto wallet has been installed, it may turn out that it does not have the network you need. There is only one way out of the situation - to add it yourself. All you need is to use the special website, go to the main page, connect a wallet (let's take Metamask as an example). After that, select the network that suits you in the search and click on "Add to Metamask" (the name of the button depends on the name of the wallet you have chosen). Then your wallet will prompt you to make a blockchain network switch and add it. Then you can easily and quickly switch the network manually or automatically. Unfortunately, the official website does not have a Russian version and those who do not speak English will have to use an online translator.


The project is a cryptocurrency explorer (BTC, ETH, BCH, ZEC, DASH and LTC) and an AML verification service rolled into one. The information comes directly from Bitfury Crystal. This is necessary in order to exclude from circulation all digital currency that was obtained in the course of fraudulent or criminal activities. The fact is that crypto exchanges use AML verification to verify incoming transactions. If any individual transaction receives a negative assessment, then the crypto exchange will block it, and the trader will lose assets. That is why it is imperative to use the Getblock tool to verify transactions. It can be used for single or continuous checks. It implements a special mechanism for verifying transactions directly from the Blockchain Explorer. You can also add the wallets you need to your favorites, then all information about transactions on them will appear in your personal account. Another advantage of the project is the presence of a loyalty program for activity in social networks and the presence of a referral program.